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Challenge 10


My answers:

  • How many posts did you write?
  • I wrote 17 posts if this posts counts. If not 16 posts.
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • Three posts were nojn school based, seven were for the challenge, and four were assignments from our teacher.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • I got one comment from my mentar who lives in Australia, no oversea students commented, but five classmates commented. Also, one student from the U.S commented.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • The Challenge five had five comments. I’m not sure why it was this blog that got the most comments.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • I enjoyed writing the Summer activities most because I was with a friend and we were deciding what we could do for summer. Also, it was one of the posts that wasn’t for school or for a challnge.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  • Yes, I changed because I didn’t like the theme I had and then changed it to a different theme.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
  • five widgets. I think this is not enough
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blog roll?
  • five

I asked Alex McDanial a few questions about my blog.

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?
  • the blog was really colorful and cool.
  • What captured your attention?
  • all the colors definitely
  • What distracted you on the blog?
  • once again all the colors and links
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
  • little bit bigger font

Challenge 9-Game Week


The first site I posted on was Brandi’s Challenge 1 Who I am post. Her blog is very bright. Her post has some interesting people and even more interesting questions. The next person I commented on was Alex M’sBlog. I went to his about me page. He gave off a lot of information. It was still interesting. It had basic things liek favorite music and family members. The last person’s page I commented on was Emily T’s blog. Her background is so cool. Also, she has pictures of each person she chose for her Challenge 1 Who I am post.

Summer activities


Summer Activities

1.) Swimming

2.) Sleepovers

3.) Redecorate your room

4.) Go to the park

5.)  Go to a lake

6.) Travel

7.) Hang out with friends

8.) Ride four wheeler (if you have one)

9.) Visit your grandparents

10.) Visit water park

12.) Cooking

12.) Camping

Recess games


What do you think is the best thing to do at recess? Say it is summer and you are at recess. What dop you usually do? A lot of people just stand or walk around talking. Some go on the swings. A lot of people play basketball or kickball or football depending on th eseason. If you jump roping sounds fun. Barely anyone stays in but some do for lessons ro make up tests. The big question is what do you do at recess.



My parents are thinking about going to Italy next year. I don’t know if I want to go or not. It would be during school which could be a plus since I’d be learning a bunch of culture in Italy. The bad side is the long way there and the huge headache I’d most likely get. What do you think I’ll learn there. Where will we go? I really want to go for the culture. The plan ride would be really long though.

Challenge 6


When I’m online I try to act myself. Some things I abbreviate, but I still type/talk a lot which I normally do with friends. If some stranger goes onto my facebook page they probably wouldn’t know much about me. If it were a friend I met in person they would know it’s me automatically. It depend how well they know me. I don’t put anything too personal online. Online anyone can see what you post and can lie about who they are. My personality online is basically a few movies, music, a singer, and books I like. When I go online I talk to people I’ve met face to face. I think people exaggerate online so they can meet people. Some people just want to make new friends and some people just don’t want to show who they are so they pretend to be a totally different person. I think that if they don’t want people to see who they are they should just hide more information rather then lie. What often happens is some maybe 40 year old guy might be talking to a 12 year old girl online. He might tell her he’s a 13 year old guy and have a fake photo of himself. He’ll try to get information about the girl. The main reason the girl talks to him is because she believes he’s her age and not a 40 year old man.

Activity relating to Number 10

games, and apps that should or are used today and why.

1.)  Online Dictionary-You can spend less time looking a word up in a dictionary.

2.)Typing Web-People use typing web to become better typists.

3.)Uno-If you’re in Spanish you can practice saying the numbers and colors in Spanish.

4.)Fun brain-It’s a site I used to use when I was in elementary school. Younger kids who are just learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division can learn how and not be bored.

5.)Twister-For gym people could learn to be more balanced.

6.) Jeopardy-If you’re studying for a test the teacher can set jeopardy up so people can study and have fun.

7.)Chess-Chess helps you with strategy

8.)coolmathgames-It has some deffinitions on the website and some mathematical games.

9.)Brain Pop- On that site you can learn about science and watch vieos and take quizes.

10.)citationmachine.com- When in Language Arts you can just type the informatuon into a certain spot and it will make your citation for you. It’d very helpful when you’re doing a report.


Challenge 5-Activity 1


I am writing about my family for the blogging challenge.


My mom is a kind person who’s on the school board and was a social worker.  She is a good listener and she is the cook of our family. Once is a while she drags me shopping, but I try my best not to make it that much. She loves to travel and has traveled a lot in her life. When she was younger she lived with her cousin Andrea. She wasn’t really into sports when she was younger but she still walks a lot.


My dad is ,what I used to call him, the fun parent always. He always took me ice skating, skiing and sledding backe when we lived in Point and he still so does. He is a professor and enjoys traveling. He also likes to go on motorcycle trips. Whn my dad was younger he likes to do sports even if he wasn’t the best at each one he still tried. He is very organized so I keep my room clean.


Andrew is my brother who got out of college a few years ago. He is also an editor for a newspaper. He wants to learn more about movie scripting. He is an annoying brother at times like most are but still what can you do? He’s my brother. He comes home once or twice a year so we still get to see him. He is living in New York right now. He’s been to Caria, France, New York, and many places for his many jobs. He used to teach Careans english. He also learned a few things from them. He actually was the youngest and smallest in his class but he was extremely smart and still is. When he visits and we go somewhere he gets me to learn atleast five things new. I sometimes forget though. He’s still the best and only brother I have.


There is my grandma’s Julie and Germaine. I never met Grandma Germaine but I know she was a nice person. That is all I know about her. I’ve known my grandma Julie since I first came home. She loved cooking like my mom. She was pretty well know in the town. When I was younger she’d sing me to sleep. We would visit them often because they were getting older and needed our help. She was a really kind person. When my parents were getting ready to leave I would come out conatantly to see if my parents left. My grandpa would say that they didn’t leave me here. My grandma would also tell my grandpa to stop messing around and be nicer. She was also the cook of the family.


I don’t know my grandpa Arthur very much. All I know is he was a serious guy who was extremely smart. My grandpa Clark was someone who liked goofing around alot. My brother is a lot like him. He was a well known lawyer. The most important part about him was he loved his family.


I have few cousings compared to some. There is my cousins who live in Illinois who come the most often. They visit us and we visit them since they are the closest family we have. My cousins are all around my parents age though. Natalia is there daughter and she is in her late 20’s. My cousin Bill loves to joke around. They also got my parents obssesed with scrabble. I also have my cousins the Silvermen’s. They are my favorite since they have a daughter from Bolivia and she is a year younger then me. They love travel and the one close to my age is extrememly smart and loves soccer. They live in GEorgia which I visited last summer. We have other cousins, but I don’t remember much about them.

Aunts &n Uncles:

I have four two aunts who are alive and two uncles. There is Uncle George and Aunt Sue and Uncle Mike and Aunt Irene. We don’t see them that much so all I can say is Aunt Sue is a jewlery maker nad Aunt Irene loves to bike. In all I had and had four Uncles and four Aunts.




Activity Relating To Images


Hong Kong Gets Ready to Party!
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Steve Webel via Compfight

Above that photo is a picture of Honk Kong in China. It’s obviously night and lots of lights out. It might even be New Years eve. If it is New Years Eve in that photo there will be dragons roaming around and some people burning money. Chinese people burn money so their ancestors can have money wherever they are. New Years Eve is a huge holiday for people in China. On a normal day there would be tourists roaming the streets and people all around the city. Did you know that people believed in two types of dragon? There’s the dragon that breathes out fire which is said to be evil and the good dragon that breathes out water.

Challenge BAout The Number Ten 3


What to do with a sock with Holes in it?

You could….

1. Cut it so it could be your cell phone case.

2. Make an injured puppet

3. Wash your dished with it.

4. Use it as a poney tale.

5. Decorate it and use it as a head band.

6. Color it and glue it on a piece of paper.

7. Make it a christmas decoration

8. Throw it in with the rest of your rags.

9. Make an outfit for your dog with it.(Only for tiny dogs)

10. Use the sock for playing tug of war with your dog.

Challenge About the Number Ten 2


10 Jobs I’d like to have in my lifetime

1. Underwater Photogrpher- Underwater Photogrphers get to go scuba diving often taking photo’s of fish. They most likely will get to travel a little. It seems fun being able to go scuba diving so often and get to take photos. I want to be an underwater Photographer.

2. Social Worker- My mom was a social worker and my grandma was also. It would be nice to be able to help people with their problems.

3. Travel Photographer- I like traveling and I want to go place from place. If I were a travel Photgrapher I could go place to place and be payed to do so. I’d also get to take many photos and I like taking pictures.

4. Fashion Designer- I’d like to be a fashion designer because i’d get to learn a lot more about math then I do now. Also, I’d get to design clothes which I like doing/ Fasdhion designers get paid a good amount of money so they won’t starve or be homeless. They bprobably will get to travel if they want to see other fashions around the world.

5. Fictional Writer- I want to be a writer most of all. Writers can make up a story in their head and make whatever they want happen as long as it makes sense. They get paid little amounts but they can have a life and other jobs.

6.Movie Director- Movie directors can picture a vision of what he/she pictures for the scene and how the actors should play their parts. Being able to have a vision and make sure it comes true. That sounds like fun ot me!

7. Lawyer- Lawyers bring justice and side with one person. They get to stand up for someone and try to make things fair. It sounds like a challenge but it also sounds fun.

8. Chinese Teacher- If I were a chinese teacher I could practice more.

9. Waitress- Waitresses serve people and it would be a good job to have after school. So a job that would be good for someone who has school.

10.Jewelery maker- My aunt is one and it keeps you busy. It also sounds like a lot of fun!


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